Robbi Stevens is a writer, producer, director and activist. At the heart of all her creative projects lies a humanitarian spirit and ethos. She works mainly in London and is particularly interested in using theatre and film to incite change on issues of equality. She also works towards artistic excellence and creative freedom and expression with cast, creatives and the community. Outside of the performing arts, Robbi aims to remove the stigma attached to homelessness and sexual exploitation. Alongside and within the plays and film’s she produces, Robbi finds opportunities for those who are discriminated against.

She lives in London and is in the process of writing her first book.

....the information is expressed with agonising humanity and brings the audience into the heart of the struggle!

London Theatre

It is the acting department where Robbi Stevens’ efforts are mostly rewarded, delivering emotionally truthful and absorbing performances right across the cast!

Act Drop

Expertly directed by Robbi Stevens, the play has a decidedly filmic, multi-dimensional quality, and the intercutting between many different scenarios is expertly crafted!

The Review Chap

.... a powerful and emotive exploration of wishful thinking fully charged – like all good tragedies – with cathartic potential.

Theatre Weekly