Robbi Stevens
"Imagine we are all linked by our individual magic"
The stage is a magic place where you have the ability to change someone’s perspective or emotions and thoughts.

At the beginning of her career, Robbi co-wrote, produced and directed three very different musicals, ranging from the dystopian future to film noir to a simple love story. Passionate about telling current stories, taking inspiration from the world around us, Robbi moved onto straight plays. Workshopping with actors and writers and working collaboratively with community members and charities, Robbi is committed to developing topical, modern and thought-provoking work. She also likes creating comedy with sketches ranging from the ridiculous and sublime to household humour.

....the information is expressed with agonising humanity and brings the audience into the heart of the struggle!

London Theatre ★★★★★

It is the acting department where Robbi Stevens’ efforts are mostly rewarded, delivering emotionally truthful and absorbing performances right across the cast!

Act Drop ★★★★

Expertly directed by Robbi Stevens, the play has a decidedly filmic, multi-dimensional quality, and the intercutting between many different scenarios is expertly crafted!

The Review Chap ★★★★

.... a powerful and emotive exploration of wishful thinking fully charged – like all good tragedies – with cathartic potential.

Theatre Weekly ★★★★