Robbi Stevens
"Imagine we are all linked by our individual magic"
The Stevens Technique
Tribal and raw and taps into the warrior at the heart of every person.

This radical and organic technique helps actors to connect to performance by tapping into the body to find pockets of stored emotions. It helps with over-thinking. It also brings out an innate sense of self, emotional availability, fluidity, empathy and self-confidence. It is tribal and raw and taps into the warrior at the heart of every person. The Stevens Technique also draws on older more established techniques, adding a different ‘spin’, to create depth, complexity and normality in relationships, plot points, inner journeys and contradictions.

Combining different combinations of exercises, The Stevens Technique offers actors a choice of what to use or try, depending on their individual instrument. It delves deeply into research and has specific exercises to lift what is at the heart of the testimonials and real-life stories of the people they are representing in the parts they play.

It also explores emotions – not just extreme emotions, but subtle, indifferent and complex and what happens when there is history surrounding the emotion, or levels of consciousness considered and even how we deny our emotions as humans. The Stevens Technique looks at an actor’s ‘go to place’, contradictions, listening, choices, physical placing, means and shape and more.